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Nadav Zeimer

Educator based in New York City.

Nadav Zeimer is an accomplished High School Educator currently working in Central Harlem, New York. Nadav’s career spanned multiple industries before ultimately culminating in a real passion-project as an educator, especially for students involved in the foster care system. Not only has Nadav been awarded for his work as an educator, he truly takes pride in affecting change within his community and in the lives of his students.

Although Nadav Zeimer has excelled as an educator, he didn’t always know his career path would lead to education. Beginning his collegiate studies at Brandeis University, and including physical chemistry studies at Universite de Rennes I, France, Nadav ultimately completed his BA in Physics in 1997. Nadav spent much of his time working for the Information Technology Services Department, working his way up to manage the student-run help desks and computer labs. Nadav got some career experience early on as a Software Engineer in Palo Alto with DIGITAL (DEC). When Nadav learned about Great Place to Work(R) Institute, Inc, (Fortune Magazines “100 Best Companies”) he pursued a job there and was subsequently integral in growing their IT department during a period of rapid international growth. At this time in Nadav’s career, instead of business school, he saw an opportunity to combine his professional interests by helping a metal sculpture collective become profitable. He developed custom database applications at the shop, and helped them set up CNC and Plasma automation to mass produce some popular sculptures and improve point-of-sale experiences, reducing fulfillment errors.

In 2003 Nadav moved to New York to be with his grandparents as they got older, working as an information technology consultant and ultimately receiving a job offer at a New York-based Israeli startup only to reject the offer and sign up for the NYC Teaching Fellows. Nadav Zeimer went back to school to gain his MA in Secondary Physics Education at The City College of New York. Becoming aware of the depth of his own privilege, mostly because of his supportive family structure, Nadav wanted to share the care he had received with other young minds. Nadav’s family has 500 years of documented history living in Egypt and immediate family living in Israel, Argentina, Japan, and Finland, not to mention the first-hand experiences of his grandparents during WWII. At the same time he was obtaining his Masters, Nadav started working at George Westinghouse Vocational Technical High School, in Downtown Brooklyn, NY. Here, he served as a physics and technology teacher, special education mathematics teacher, and a robotics coach. Nadav had the honor of being involved with several FIRST Robotics Competitions, with his team obtaining first place in the 2006 New York City Regionals. He was also awarded several other honors as an educator, leaving a memorable mark on his students in the process.

Nadav Zeimer had found his calling. He was accepted to the competitive NYCLA Aspiring Principals Program, and earned his SBL at Baruch College School of Public Affairs. Finding a home as principal of Harlem Renaissance High School, Nadav focused on maximizing the potential of his students by addressing mindset. He was able to raise over three million dollars in funds by partnering with political leaders and philanthropists to implement big changes to the school. From this fundraising efforts, the high school gained a greenhouse, karate dojo, state-of-the-art recording studio, student films featured with the TriBeCa Film Festival, and developed social justice curricula, even in the sciences. Mr. Zeimer used data to implement preventive behavioral interventions, resulting in a 78% reduction in school suspensions. Nadav Zeimer was also responsible for bringing the community together including school kitchen staff, custodians, and community titles to support teachers’ work, improving accountability metrics across the board.

Known for being a leader in data-driven school transformation, Nadav is extremely proud of the results that his staff have achieved, but more importantly he is proud of the students for excelling against difficult circumstances. In his determination to serve his community, Nadav and his wife also became certified and active foster parents, and Mrs. Zeimer was cited by the City Counsel for the transformation of PS125, where she served the PA for years. Together Nadav and Tomoi are proud to enrich the lives of young people. With his alternative methods, Nadav Zeimer feels confident that he can continue to affect positive change that will have lasting benefits for his students and for his city.

To learn more about Nadav Zeimer, his curriculum style, and the importance of educational support in impoverished communities, continue to check his blog page as new content will be posted often.